Building Projects

Glen is donating a large commercial truck full of building machines, construction equipment and a large ATV.  He will drive this large donation down to Guatemala in late May and we will begin farm development projects such as a large workshop/storage shed, chapel construction and path and road construction on the farm.  All development projects are designed to benefit the women and children and guests at Opal House.  Please consider donating and supporting any of the new projects.

Project #1: Workshop Construction

Size: 30 feet by 16 feet
Design completed
Cost: $5,000
Start Date: June 5th 2009
Completion Date: June 29th, 2009
Foreman: Glen Barde
Project #2: Chapel construction

Size: 1600 sq. feet
Design completion date: September 1st
Cost: $25,000
Start Date: October 1st
Completion Date: December 1st
Volunteer work group: Blessed Sacrament church, Seattle, 12-15 people
Fundraising: $12,500                          
Foreman: Glen Barde

Project #3: Excavation for Roads/pathways and future buildings

Size: 300 feet by 80 feet
Design: Not completed
Foreman: Glen Barde